Make the right statement


Want to make a great first impression? Sebal Grafix has the expertise and knowhow to create custom made signs that fit the culture of your business and make the strong, confident statement your business stands for. A great sign not only grabs the attention of the viewer but also encourages them to walk into your store or contact your website. A great sign says more than your brand name. No matter if your business is a new, small business or a large, corporate staple, the team of professionals at Sebal Grafix has the knowledge, experience, and customer service to put a winning sign on your business or vehicle and a smile on your face.

The more challenging the better


Our experts also pride themselves on being able to produce any ideas and concepts a customer might come up with. At Sebal Grafix, we know the significance of having a brand sign that matches the character of your company and the statement you want to make. We work closely with you throughout the entire process, from the early conceptual discussions to the installation, to ensure everything feels right and is right.

No business is off limits


Whether you have a plumbing company, a building company, or are a veterinarian, Sebal Grafix has anything you might need covered. We strive to make each sign a quality, durable piece that will make both of you proud. We can do a sign on any vehicle you might have—cars, trucks, utes, trailers, pantecs, vans and even buses.


We will ensure that whatever designs you choose to put on a company vehicle will match that of which is on the side of your business, so that you can build a consistent and confident brand. You’ll have proof positive that your sign is attracting customers for the right reasons and be able to show them that the service you provide thoroughly backs your branding up 100%.

Deciding which vehicle and business signage company is an underrated, yet important step for any business


The power of an attractive and effective sign displaying your brand cannot be underestimated. If you’re considering taking steps to make a new or improve your current signage and are located in the Sydney area, give a call to Sebal Grafix. You won’t be disappointed.



In 1997 AL Signs & Painting became a partnership between father and son, starting off in traditional chalkboard art for cafes/restaurants/takeaways, we expanded into traditional sign writing signage. A parallel business to AL Signs was J&A Painting which was already successfully running for over 25 years at the time.


In early 2001 we progressed our business and transitioned into the the world of modern technology. We purchased the latest computers and computer software. This enabled a revolutionary change within the signwriting industry and we were successfully able to turnover work at a much higher rate than ever before! Customers were also able for the first time to view artwork designs on computer programs and receive a visual outcome of the final product, as previously sign writers were sketching drafts of potential designs.


In 2002 we completed our Sign Craft certificate and our 3M Vinyl applicator course. 5 Years into the signwriting industry AL Signs had successfully gained a high profile of repetitive clients, continually expanding our knowledge in the sign industry we were able to produce work with a much more progressive approach thus meeting client expectations. During this time we continued our family business J&A Painting & Decorating which served over 3000 properties for Real Estate Agents such as Wiseberry, Enmore Real Estate, First National, Sanders Noonan and Gresh Real Estate.


AL Signs moved into the world of Digital Printing with the purchase of your first digital printing Machines. Clients were now able to receive full photographic images directly installed onto surfaces such as walls, panels, vehicles etc… Up until this time we were hand painting images onto walls known as Wall Murals. Digital Printing also was able to change the whole approach to vehicle signage with a new level of sophistication, mixing vinyl cutting with digital printing, clients were thrilled with a greater visual impact for their business whilst being constantly on the road advertising there brand.


In 2009 AL signs, successfully operating for over 25 years, transformed their image and business name to what is known today as SEBAL GRAFIX. Relaunching the new image, Sebal Grafix was able to expand clientele basis by introducing Laser Cutting Services, Fabricated Signs, LED Illuminated Signs.


Another year of growth has seen Sebal Grafix merge with J&A painting, bringing this 40 year old established business into the fold as Sebal Painting, allowing us to continue to service existing customers and welcome new. We have launched our own standalone space and with design, production, manufacturing and installations all in-house. We use the highest quality in equipment and strive our best to deliver signs to the public that have a high impact while keeping our clients up to date with the latest design trends and styles. We still refuse to cut corners, strive for excellence and above else for our customers to love the final product.